Laundry Tips

Additional Charges

Please be aware that the following items shall incur a separate charge from your regular laundry:

-Comforters: $25.00

-Mattress Covers/Pads:  $15.00

-Flat/Throw Blankets: $10.00

-Pillows: $9.00

-Bath Robes: $8.50

-Shoes: $7.00

-Bath Rugs: $7.00

-Duvets: $5.00

Line Dried Items

Please place all items that you don’t want put in the dryer in a separate plastic bag inside your laundry bag. Place a piece of paper with the words “NO DRYER” in extremely big letters inside this bag. Since we turn around clothing in 24 hours, line dry items will be returned one day later – 48 hours after your laundry is dropped off with us.  They will be put in a separate plastic bag and with your name on it. Expensive items should be dry cleaned for best results.
Hang dry – $7.00 for every 5 items per load.

Dry Cleaning Price List

Men’s Clothing:

Shirt: $2.95

Pants: $5.95

Sweater: $6.95

Coat/Jacket: $7.95

Suit (2 piece): $11.95

Tie: $2.95

Polo Shirt: $4.95


Women’s Clothing:

Blouse: $5.95

Pants: $5.95

Skirt: $5.95

Sweater: $6.95

Suit (2 piece): $11.95

Coat/Jacket: $7.95

Dress: $11.95


Winter Coats are generally not meant to be washed and folded. Please do not put them in your wash and fold bag.

Juicy Couture Jackets

This may seem silly but the “J” zippers on the jackets will fall of if you do not follow these instructions. Please completely zip up the jackets and turn them inside out before putting it in your bag. Soapy Joe’s is not responsible for the J zippers so please follow the directions.

Silk items and other hand washable items

Soapy Joe’s does not provide hand washing service. We recommend that you Dry Clean or personally hand wash your very delicate items.

Lacoste Shirts

These shirts will mildly shrink in the wash if you choose to submit them in your laundry bag. For best results submit them to be dry cleaned.

Leather Items

Please do not put leather items in your wash & fold bag. Please send them through the dry cleaning service.

Other Tips

Soapy Joe’s assumes that all items you submit in your laundry bag are washable.

Please do not put dry cleaning items inside your laundry bag under any circumstance.

Please remember to remove all items, especially pens, from your pockets before submitting them to Soapy Joe’s. We are not responsible for damage to garments from items left in your pockets!

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